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Our mission

In today's modern world, communication is faster than ever. The speed of communication makes the rapid publication of news essential: after all, many decisions are made on the basis of news worldwide.

Thanks to social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, people are aware of the news faster. A big disadvantage of finding news on these platforms is that everything is mixed up: opinions, fake news and real news.

For this reason, many people will always prefer professional news websites for reliable news. However, most news media work with articles. Writing an article is a process that takes time. Especially in times when a lot of news is created in a short time, an online article is quickly outdated as soon as it is finally published.

To avoid the long process of publishing an article and still get news to the reader as quickly as possible, the live blog was devised: an article in which several smaller "articles" are posted over a period of time. It is important here that the visitor can open a page and continue to follow the news without having to open the article again: this makes the live blog an interactive element, so that the visitor remains involved longer in a so-called "live stream".

However, despite the existence of news agencies such as Reuters and Bloomberg, some of the input will always come from sources such as social media. BlogLive.Online understands the value of this, and the importance of reliable news, and therefore chooses to integrate all social media into its platform, bidirectionally (both upload and download). For example, all social media can be examined (and filtered) in one interface, and a maximum reach for the news medium can still be achieved through the option of automatically posting messages on social media.

BlogLive.Online stands for, and offers the tools, reliable news to every reader as quickly as possible.