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Your publication process with BlogLive.Online

Gather information

Gather information by creating social media templates. Add Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and RSS-feeds and write your post immideately.


Write your post and add images and social media posts.


Share your post to your website and your social media accounts. Visitors can't be more up-to-date!

Push content to your users - anytime, anywhere, any device

BlogLive.Online is a platform for live blogging about real-time events, such as soccer games, tennis matches or entertainment shows. With our platform, we'll enable you to focus on the content, and give you all the tools you might need for interactive blogging of events.

Use cases

Use cases

Media & Entertainment

When covering an entertainment event, events happens on-the-go. And you, as an editor, want to publish your updates to the internet (and your followers) as soon as possible. Creating a news item for every happening isn't worth it, but obviously, wou…

Sports & Matches

When covering a sports event, you want to publish an update as soon as a point is made. You don't want your fans to have to manually refresh your website - it's annoying for your visitors and a lot of work for your editors to make up. The most…

Press & News Agencies

In a globalized world, fast communication and therefore fast news publication is essential. BlogLive.Online helps news agencies to publish faster and includes tools to gather and extract information from social media accounts.

Blogging & Vlogging

Stop posting the same message to different social media platforms; write a message to your live-blog and forward it to your social media accounts. Reach all of your followers with one message, without having to rwrite it five (or more) times.


When a conference is held, you'll always have some people who cannot attend. Give your conference an engagement boost by starting a live-blog about it! Post pictures and videos straight from the scene and reach more people with BlogLive.Online!

Private live blogging

Not every post is news for everyone. You probably want to blog about a meeting or paid event, but only for a select group of readers. BlogLive.Online is the best choice for private live-blogging, for messages only meant for your corporate intranet.