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BlogLive.Online is an easy-to-work-with liveblog platform. The platform integrates easily with your current website and the backend can be learnt to your editors in less than 5 minutes.

In a globalized world, real time news delivery is necessary to be the first to update your followers. However, the process to publish news items is long and a lot of steps require additional software. Collecting information, interviewing people, editing images, styling your article - all these things for just a small article.

This is where BlogLive.Online steps in. When an event occurs, the BlogLive.Online-platform can be used to update a live-blog on your website, post the same message to all of your social accounts and embed social media elements with a single click to your live-blog.

Content can be published by multpiple journalists straight from the scene, using any device, with the live-blog app for smartphones and the simple, nevertheless powerful, BlogLive dashboard for pc's. Keep your followers bound to you and be the first to deliver!

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Awesome features

Are you tired of copying the same text multiple times for different platforms, spending too much time on styling your article or getting heavy server load due to lots of page reloading? BlogLive.Online might offer you the all-in-one solution!

The administration interface, called BlogLive.Online dashboard, can be managed from any modern web browser, including tablets and smart phones the same way. Publishing a small change on-the-go or working with tablet devices to add content has never been easier.

Why use live-blogs?

In our globalized world, people want to know news more faster than ever. Any movement can change their movements. And you want to be the first to update them. Fast and real time news delivery through your website is neccesary to keep your visitors glued.

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