Set up Twitter integration for BlogLive.Online

Setting up social media integration for BlogLive.Online requires a little configuration. You need to give BlogLive.Online permission to post to your account through Twitter's "Apps for Twitter". This will give you four credentials, which you need to enter in your BlogLive.Online dashboard.

Apps for Twitter

Through Apps for Twitter, you can create credentials for applications to post messages to your account. If you want BlogLive.Online to be able to auto-post (selected) liveblog messages to your account, you need to create an app for Twitter.

Start by going to Twitter Developers and create a news app. Fill out the form and submit it to Twitter. After a few minutes, you will see your newly created app in the list. Open it and go to the "Keys and tokens" tab and you will find 4 keys.

Open the BlogLive.Online dashboard and continue to "Settings" and then to "Social Media Accounts. Paste the 4 keys in the corresponding fields and save the form. From now on, you'll be able to enjoy the full social features of BlogLive.Online!